Judson President W. Mark Tew appeals for financial support

Acknowledging the financial difficulties resulting from declining enrollment, the recession of 2008, and this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, Judson President W. Mark Tew made an appeal to the College’s community of supporters today.

In a letter to friends of the College, Tew outlined the College’s financial condition, stating that additional funds are needed to make possible the College’s re-opening in January 2021.

The Judson College Board of Trustees met in early December to discuss the College’s financial position and to form an ad hoc committee to determine the path forward for the College. On December 14 the Board determined to proceed with securing the necessary funding, as well as engaging the services of Fuller Higher Ed Solutions to research the College’s changing markets and to explore potential avenues forward.

“With her 182-year history, Judson has weathered many storms and become stronger and more determined to provide a quality Christian education, said Joan Newman ‘73, Chair of the Judson College Board of Trustees. “We welcome the financial and prayerful support of all concerned as we navigate through these challenges.”

Judson has, and will always be, committed to her students, who have been a large part of Judson’s “weathering” of so many past storms. Tew says that this process will be no different: “Should the College be unable to secure sufficient resources by December 31, we are making plans to assist our students with teach-out and transfer options. However, should the generosity of the College’s dedicated family of donors reach specified goals by December 31, your College will proceed with the spring semester and look forward to celebrating commencement on April 30, 2021.

In an email to current students today, Tew commended their perseverance throughout 2020 “under exceedingly strenuous and ever-changing circumstances.” “We thank you for exemplifying the steadfast Judson Spirit,” Tew said, “which has kept this institution afloat through multiple wars, two fires, the Great Depression, several recessions, and, now, a pandemic.”

“Please know,” said Tew, “that the Trustees and the administration of Judson College are seeking God’s leadership for Judson’s future in order to ensure that all things are done “decently and in order” (1 Corinthians 14:40).

Tew said that both unrestricted gifts before December 31 and pledges for January–May 2021 are needed. Donors may contribute one-time gifts by December 31 here or make a pledge to give from January-May of 2021 here.