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Judson students present research at CT Day 

Judson students taking courses designated as Critical Thinking (CT) courses presented research projects during this semester’s Critical Thinking Day on December 6. Sponsored by the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan, CT Day included thirty-eight student presentations covering twelve CT courses in a variety of academic disciplines.

Session topics and student presenters by academic discipline are listed below:

Senior education teacher candidates in EDU 404: Elementary Education Clinical Practice and EDU 409 Secondary Education Clinical Practice presented website portfolios highlighting their clinical practice experiences.

Ashtin Morris (Prattville, Ala.)

Session 1 – Ashtin Morris (Prattville, Ala.)
Session 2 – Molly Veal (Henagar, Ala.)
Session 3 – Sarah Lippeatt Dennis (West Blocton, Ala.)

EDU 303: Evaluation of Learning and Teaching students created and submitted a model continuous improvement plan for a specified subject and grade level, utilizing formative and summative assessment and date analysis to effect positive change in student learning.

Session 1  – Victoria Smith (Salem, Ala.) and Jessica Chandler (Jones, Ala.)
Session 2  – Gracie Hutto (Alexander City, Ala.) and Toria Mendow (Odenville, Ala.)
Session 3 – Victoria Smith (Salem, Ala.) and Jessica Chandler (Jones, Ala.)
Session 4  – Gracie Hutto (Alexander City, Ala.) and Toria Mendow (Odenville, Ala.)

Students in English 302: 20th Century Literature presented various assignments that engage issues relevant to the novels they read during the fall semester.

Izzie Vazquez (Montgomery, Ala.) and Hope Langkow (Bothell, Wa.)

Session 1 – Hope Langkow (Bothel, Wa.) and Isabel Vazquez (Montgomery, Ala.) staged and directed a movie clip depicting the final scene of “The Glass Tumblers”, a short story by Mary Ward Brown.
Session 2 – Chasely Matmanivong (Millbrook, Ala.) and Grace Abbott (Foley, Ala.) presented book jackets that they designed.
Session 3 – Terri Lyn Porter (Tibbie, Ala.) and Grace Terry (Atmore, Ala.) presented their impressions of Mary Ward Brown’s writing and Dr. Wayne Flynt’s Oct. 23rd presentation on Brown’s life at the Judson College Authors Symposium.
Session 4 – Breanna Weaver (Maplesville, Ala.) presented a short story, and Cheyenne McGee (Atmore, Ala.) presented a diorama.

Cell Biology students (BIO 416) spent their semester writing a papers investigating cellular mechanisms of their choice.  Their papers use relevant peer-reviewed articles to explore ongoing questions regarding their particular topics.

Session 1 – Jessica Knowles (Perry, Fla.) – Sickle Cell Anemia; Macie Lee (Prattville, Ala.) – Motor proteins in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; Mary Faith McKenzie (Daphne, Ala.) – Autoimmune Disease
Session 2 – Julia Singleton (Gallion, Ala.) – How Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Effects the Brain; Charlie Sturdivant (Pennington, Ala.) – How HIV Affects the Cell; Tessa Thompson (Clanton, Ala.) – Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species
Session 3 – Jyasmine Torres (Ozark, Ala.) – Tetrodotoxin: Preferred weapon of Choice for Puffer Fish; Savanah Townley (Orange Beach, Ala.) – Bioluminescence; Ti-Ara Turner (Montgomery, Ala.) – The Role of Intestinal Epithelium in Preventing Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Jyasmine Torres (Ozark, Ala.)

CHE 400: Chemistry Seminar had one student presenter: Erin Harrison of McCalla, Ala., whose presentation was entitled “Analyzing the Effects Antibiotics have on Breast Cancer Risks Through Elevated Hormone Levels”.

Erin Harrison (McCalla, Ala.)

MAT 303: Introduction to Higher Geometry – Susanna Fowler of Americus, Ga., presented proofs of selected geometry theorems.

Susanna Fowler (Americus, Ga.)

Business Administration
BUS 302: Marketing students presented marketing case studies.

Rhianne Green (Rockledge, Fla.)

Session 1  – Kirsten Britnell (Hoover, Ala.), Case Study: Fed Ex: Making Every Customer Experience Outstanding; Lexi Burt (Ft. Payne, Ala.), Case Study: Samsung: A Strategic Plan for Success
Session 2  – Katie Glover (Cullman, Ala.), Case Study: Sony: Battling the Marketing Environment “Perfect Storm”; Rhianne Green (Rockledge, Fla.), Case Study: Campbell Soup Company: Watching What You Eat
Session 3 – Gracie Hutto (Alexander City, Ala.), Case Study: Target: Where Store Brands Offer More Than Low Prices; Zoe Townley (Orange Beach, Ala.), Case Study: 3M, Where Innovation is a Way of Life​

PSY400: Senior Seminar in Behavioral Science students conducted mock interviews in preparation for their graduate school or job searches and students in PSY312: Research Methods in Psychology presented research proposals they developed over the course of the semester.

Kaylee Roth (Midland City, Ala.)

Session 1  – Lindsay Brady (Marion, Ala.), Sarah Combs (Selma, Ala.), Katie Glover (Cullman, Ala.), Kaylen Holtzapfel (Birmingham, Ala.)
Session 2  – Katherine Hunter (Verbena, Ala.), Taylor Hutto (Alexander City, Ala.), Lauren Neary (Northport, Ala.), Allie Smith (Holly Pond, Ala.)
Session 3 – Rhianne Green (Rockledge, Fla.), Joyce Lavatai (Elrod, Ala.), Marissa McNamara (Mobile, Ala.), Kelsey O’Neal (New Hope, Ala.)
Session 4  – Kaylee Roth (Midland City, Ala.), Hannah Kate Stallo (Montevallo, Ala.), Melissa Thurber (Marion, Ala.)

Religious Studies
In REL 340:World Religions this semester, students undertook a research project on an aspect of interest to them concerning any of the world’s major religious systems. They were tasked to explain their chosen issue from the perspective of that religious system and provide an analysis of the modern day relevance of their topic.

Brianna Arriaga (Huntsville, Ala.)

Session 1 – Cassidy Padgett (Henagar, Ala.) and Ashlee Kendrick (Robertsdale, Ala.) on Modern Day Practice of Chinese Religion (Confucianism and Daoism)
Session 2 – Hannah Kate Stallo (Montevallo, Ala.), Lashundra Walker (Center Point, Ala.), and Kenzie Horton (Selma, Ala.) on Hindu Philosophy, The Practice of Widow Burning, and Issues of Sexuality in Hinduism
Session 3 – Mary Faith McKenzie (Daphne, Ala.), Casey Rodgers (Piedmont, Ala.), and Kayla Jones (Silverhill, Ala.) on Modern Day Perspectives on Buddhist Thought and Practice
Session 4 – Brianna Arriaga (Huntsville, Ala.), Anna Mag Reynolds (Selma, Ala.), and Marissa McNamara (Mobile, Ala.) on Feminist Perspectives in Judaism and Islam and the Practice of Jihad in Islam

Criminal Justice
Throughout the semester, CRJ 406: History and Philosophy of Law students explored legal topics of their choosing by writing a series of essays: persuasive, interview, and analysis. The assorted essay formats facilitated and necessitated critical thinking about the societal value and effects of these laws. CT Day presentations positioned the CRJ 406 students as lawyers arguing for and against a contemporary controversial area of law and the audience as jurors.

Sakeria Hollis (Birmingham, Ala.)

Session 1 – Sakeria Hollis (Birmingham, Ala.), Libby Whitten (Dawson, Ala.), Lashundra Walker (Center Point, Ala.), Karissa Bradley (Leakesville, Miss.), Sha’kea Mitchell (Maplesville, Ala.), Paige Mason (Gilbertown, Ala.), Ayla Race (Ft. Payne, Ala.): Legalizing/Decriminalizing Drug
Session 2 – Karen Hernadez (Decatur, Ala.), Sha’kea Mitchell (Maplesville, Ala.), Libby Whitten (Dawson, Ala.),  Paige Mason (Gilbertown, Ala.), Sakeria Hollis (Birmingham, Ala.), Ayla Race (Ft. Payne, Ala.), Karissa Bradley (Leakesville, Miss.): Early Release for Inmates Convicted of Non-violent Offenses.
Session 3  – Lashundra Walker (Center Point, Ala.), Karissa Bradley (Leakesville, Miss.), Ayla Race (Ft. Payne, Ala.), Sha’kea Mitchell (Maplesville, Ala.), Paige Mason (Gilbertown, Ala.): Banning the Death Penalty
Session 4 – Lindsay Brady (Marion, Ala.), Paige Mason (Gilbertown, Ala.), Sakeria Hollis (Birmingham, Ala.), Karen Hernadez (Decatur, Ala.), Libby Whitten (Dawson, Ala.), Sha’kea Mitchell (Maplesville, Ala.), : Denying Bail on the Basis of Violence

Social Work
Senior social work students in SWK 425: Southern Peoples and Cultures shared their experiences interviewing a person who lived in the South during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960-70s.

Jordan Hooks, Hannah Woods, Katelyn Lawrence, Audri Thicklin

Session 1  – Jordan Hooks (Cullman, Ala.)
Session 2  – Katelyn Lawrence (Marbury, Ala.)
Session 3  – Audri Thicklin (Hayneville, Ala.)
Session 4  – Hannah Woods (Sylvan Springs, Ala.)

For more information about CT Day or Project Curiosity at Judson College, contact Mr. Josh Pickens, Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan, at jpickens@judson.edu.