Perry County public health update

Pam Barrett, Director of TB Control at the Alabama Department of Public Health, reported yesterday that there are currently no known cases of active tuberculosis in the Marion community. No cases of contagious tuberculosis have been identified during the recent screenings at the Perry County Health Department.  This means that, in spite of recent reports by the media, the likelihood of contracting TB in Marion is currently no greater than in other parts of Alabama.

Local public health agencies are still conducting screenings to identify people who have latent tuberculosis, which cannot be transmitted from person to person.  Those identified as having latent tuberculosis will be given treatments which will prevent them from developing an active, contagious case of TB in the future.

There is still no reason to believe that any students or employees on campus have active tuberculosis, nor are we currently aware of any students or employees who have latent tuberculosis.  Because there is no increased risk of contracting tuberculosis, all College events and activities are continuing as scheduled.

Questions regarding this issue should be referred to Senior Vice President and Dean of Students Susan Jones at or 334-683-5163.

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