Public health issue in Perry County

Area news outlets have recently reported an increase in the prevalence of active tuberculosis in Perry County over the past two years.

While twenty residents of Marion have been diagnosed with TB in the past twenty-four months,  please note that we have no reason to believe that any student or employee of the College was among those diagnosed, nor do we have any reason to believe that any student or employee of the College currently has an undiagnosed case of active tuberculosis or that the risk of contracting tuberculosis on campus has increased.

Any student or employee who believes they have been exposed to active tuberculosis, believes they are exhibiting symptoms of active tuberculosis, or believes they have observed someone else on campus who exhibits symptoms of active tuberculosis is urged to immediately contact Senior Vice President and Dean of Students Susan Jones at 334-683-5163 or

The College is actively cooperating with the Perry County Health Department and other agencies and health care providers as they seek to assess and address the TB threat in the community.  Free screening for tuberculosis is available at the Perry County Health Department.

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