Students present research at Critical Thinking Day | Judson College


Students present research at Critical Thinking Day

Judson students taking courses designated as Critical Thinking (CT) courses presented research projects during this semester’s Critical Thinking Day November 30. Sponsored by the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan, CT Day included four breakout sessions covering twelve CT courses in a variety of academic disciplines.

Students in BIO 312 gave short presentations covering the topic of their cell biology research papers. Topics ranged from models for neurodegenerative disease to disorders that affect specific cellular organelles.

BIO/EQS 400 students presented short descriptions of their research papers, which covered a wide range of topics in biology and equine science.

BUS 301 students presented their marketing plans for a particular product through poster presentations and videos.

Students in Chemistry Seminar (CHE 400) shared presentations about various topics, including famous women in chemistry, Nobel Prize winners, or current scientific publications.

Students in Physical Chemistry (CHE 402) presented about important topics in physical chemistry. These presentations served as lectures for the class during the fall semester and consisted of a brief topic overviews and practice problems.

Victimology (CRJ 411 and 412) students in led conversations addressing myths of domestic violence, including the ways in which such misrepresentations continue to be propagated. Students also shared their experience in organizing service efforts to assist the Family Sunshine Center in Montgomery.

Students in Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (EDU 303) presented poster sessions on a model continuous improvement plan for their future classrooms, demonstrating the use of formative and summative assessment and data analysis.

Senior education teacher candidates in Elementary Education Clinical Practice (EDU 404) presented e-portfolios highlighting their clinical practice experiences and sharing artifacts and photographs from their classroom teaching.

Students in English History I (HIS 316/ENG 315) shared paper presentations from the course on such topics as the Celtic calendar, the Lindow Man, and the role of women in Viking society.

MUS 305 students presented research tracing the lineage of a composer or topic studied in Music History I to a contemporary topic or piece relevant to societal thought, specifically on politics and feminism.

Students in Psychology 312 presented research on topics ranging from the effectiveness of equine therapy to the effects of stress at school and in the workplace.

Spanish 404 students shared self-written children’s books with the audience and led interactive discussions of each.

Senior social work students in SWK 425 shared their experiences interviewing people who lived in the South during the Civil Rights Movement, as well as interpretive complexities gleaned from a trip to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

For more information about CT Day or Project Curiosity at Judson College, contact Dr. Cindy St. Clair, Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan, at 334-683-5187.