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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Judson College regularly participates in the National Survey of Student Engagement, a national survey that asks first-year and senior students at participating institutions about the nature and quality of their undergraduate experience.

The NSSE measures student engagement by asking questions that reveal 10 engagement indicators, which are grouped into 4 themes: Level of Academic Challenge, Experiences with Faculty, Learning with Peers, and Campus Environment. The NSSE asks the same questions of first-year and senior students at participating institutions. Judson’s student results are compared with those of other women’s colleges, other colleges in Judson’s Carnegie classification (Baccalaureate Colleges-Arts and Sciences), and all schools participating in the NSSE.

Explore many of Judson’s results from the 2013 NSSE by seeing how we answer the questions below.

Does my college believe in me?
Yes! Because we believe that you have both the ability and the responsibility to use your unique set of skills and talents to change the world, we’ll challenge you to engage your mind in the academic program(s) you choose. But we’ll also make sure you’re equipped to succeed.

Will my professors care about me?
Absolutely. Judson’s average student-to-faculty ratio is 7:1, which means that your classes will be small with plenty of opportunities for one-on-one interaction with your professors.

Does my college foster a sense of intellectual community among its students?
Of course! From departmental study sessions to meetings in the library with your classmates, there are plenty of opportunities at Judson for collaborative learning.

Is the campus environment designed to help me grow?
Undoubtedly. From leadership opportunities and outside-the-classroom learning projects to peer, staff, and faculty mentoring, your academic and professional development is in good hands.