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Campus Environment

At Judson, we’re committed to helping our students become the people they’re called to be. For us, this means getting to know them personally, investing in their lives, and providing them with opportunities for growth. The Judson experience–from academics and student clubs and organization to residence life, College traditions, and co-curricular programs–is designed to ensure that every student feels like she belongs.

Because we believe that participating in (and even leading) campus activities can help students discover their own unique skills and talents, Judson students feel this institutional emphasis on helping them “plug in” to campus life throughout their college experience. Item 14h. of the NSSE asked students how much their institutions emphasized student attendance at campus activities and events. Both first-year and senior Judson students perceived that Judson emphasized this at higher rates than did students at other schools.

Our students are supported by a network of college staff members who genuinely care about them. Through sponsoring a variety of programs and interacting daily with students, our Student Services staff offer opportunities for social interaction, spiritual growth, and professional development. Student leadership positions equip students with a host of practical skills necessary for personal and professional success. Judson’s Center for Career and Calling Initiatives assists students in discovering (and following) their callings, developing practical job skills, and searching for jobs after graduation. Campus Ministries initiates and/or supports Bible studies, mentoring groups, and co-curricular events designed to encourage spiritual growth. Judson’s Office of Faith-Based Service and Learning offers opportunities for students to put their desires to make a difference into action through service to their neighbors in the surrounding Perry County, Alabama, area.

Judson students experience the benefits of interacting with supportive staff, and rated the quality of their interactions with staff members higher than did students at other schools surveyed by the NSSE (Item 13d.).

*1=Poor 7=Excellent

We believe that when our students’ unique talents and gifts are recognized and embraced by college staff, faculty, and other students, they feel nourished personally, mentally, and spiritually, and are eager to offer the same care to the people around them. We believe that our students have the ability and the responsibility to change the world, so we work hard to offer a supportive campus environment where our students can grow to reach their full potential.