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Learning with Peers

Judson students benefit from their campus learning community. At the beginning of each school year, new Judson students sign a pledge called the Judson Code at a special ceremony in front of the rest of the Judson student body. This Code, developed by Judson students and administrators in 1933, replaced the system of rules that had previously governed student conduct and instead called Judson students merely to be people worthy of trust and respect–people of academic and personal integrity who sincerely do their best and help others to do the same. From their first days on the Judson campus, new students begin to understand that they’ve joined a community of people who learns together, works together, and encourages each other in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Judson students’ communal pursuit of Light and Truth is observed, among many ways, in unofficial study groups that gather in Bowling Library, in departmental study sessions, and in the College’s Writing Center. Upperclassmen students take turns staffing math and chemistry study sessions (along with professors!), and English students help their peers improve their writing skills in the Writing Center.

Item 1g. of the Learning with Peers section of the NSSE indicates how Judson students work together to understand class material.