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Career & Calling Initiatives

Welcome to Judson College’s Career & Calling Initiatives website.  The goal of our career services staff is to assist students in their identity formation and career planning needs.

This process begins first by helping each student understand her identity more fully. Every entering first-year student at Judson College will take a series of assessments in JUD 101: Foundations for Success that will help the student understand what makes her unique and what are her God-given abilities and talents.

From there, students are encouraged to explore their passions by engaging in learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.  Examples of activities that help students in this pursuit include service-learning opportunities, mission trip participation, internships, and part-time employment.

These assessments and experiences will help a student identify a major, which can lead to a potential career.  Research shows that a student who chooses a major (and ultimately a career) based on who she is and what her passions are is more likely:

  • To be satisfied in the workplace
  • To find her work personally fulfilling
  • To be more engaged in her work compared to others

We look forward to working alongside you as you grow in your understanding of self and how you will best serve the world in a promising future career!

Office of Career & Calling Initiatives

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