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Life After College

Judson has a long history of helping graduates prepare for successful careers.  Just ask the first female justice on the Alabama Supreme Court, the senior internal auditor for Kaplan Higher Education, the founder of the first domestic violence shelter for women in Alabama, or the first woman to head the Wright Laboratory, the smart weapons research and testing facility for the United States Air Force.  These women will explain that their Judson experiences gave them the practical skills and theoretical knowledge they needed to excel in the workplace while helping them build the faith, confidence, and leadership skills they needed to be successful in all areas of life.

If you don’t believe them, you could also ask the 97% of 2012 Judson graduates who are already employed or enrolled in graduate school a year after their graduation.

At Judson, you’ll find faculty and staff members who want to help you succeed, both during and after college.  They will help you make sure you have the academic background, the co-curricular experiences, and the self-confidence you’ll need to ace that job or grad school interview.  During your college experience, faculty and staff members will also help you discern how to match a career with your life goals, your calling, and your unique abilities and interests.

Judson students also find themselves embraced by a nationwide network of alumnae.  If you’re looking for an internship while you’re in college, someone to help you get settled in a new town as a recent graduate, or a professional network once you’re established in the workforce, you’ll find a Judson graduate who is ready to help.