Residence Life

One of the most important and rewarding lessons that Judson students learn outside of the classroom is how to live as part of a community.  Life in the residence hall provides students with opportunities to learn relationship skills that impact all areas of life, both during and beyond college.  It’s also a lot of fun.

Each of Judson’s three residence halls has wireless internet capabilities, in-room adjustable heating and air conditioning units, and elevator access.  Students have access to free cable in the lobbies, and washers and dryers are located in each dorm.  Dorms are based on the suite system: each room is designed to house two students and connects to one neighboring room through a shared bathroom.  Access to each building is controlled by a computerized card system.

Residence Life Staff members are here to be of assistance to Judson’s residents. A Residence Hall Director (RD) lives in each of the dorms to oversee day-to-day operation of the residence halls, offer support to residents, and provide leadership in the event of an emergency.  Each floor is staffed by a student Resident Assistant (RA), who helps maintain a safe, orderly, and supportive environment in the dorm.

Life in the residence hall has a positive impact on student grade point averages, graduation rates, self-image, and overall satisfaction with the college experience.  Living on campus also means that you’re always a five minute walk from your classes, that you always have a staff member available to answer your questions, and that your friends are right down the hall.  And did we mention that it’s a lot of fun?

Contact Information

For more information about Housing or Residence Life, contact:
Sarah Fowler
Director of Residence Life