In Case of Emergency

Judson College maintains a close working relationship with local law enforcement authorities and other emergency service agencies on matters related to safety of the campus.

If a situation arises, either on or off-campus, that the college administration deems an ongoing or continuing threat of immediate violence, a campus “timely warning” will be issued.  This warning may come to students, faculty and staff through campus email, campus mail, voice mail, text messages, posted announcements, or assemblies.  If you have information that might warrant a timely warning, you should report the circumstances to Campus Security or the Office of Student Life as soon as possible.  More information regarding Judson’s timely warning system is available in the Student Handbook.


In the event of a fire, students should call the fire department at 334-683-6271, then immediately notify Campus Security at 334-683-5176 and the Office of Student Life or RD on duty.


Incidents should be reported to Campus Security at 334-683-5176 immediately, then reported to the Office of Student Life or RD on duty.

To call law enforcement directly, students may dial 334-683-9066 or 911 from a campus telephone to reach the Marion Police Department.  Students may dial 911 from a cell phone to reach the Perry County Sheriff.


Health-related emergencies should be reported to the Office of Student Life or RD on duty.  Campus security should also be notified.  In the event of a health-related emergency, students may call an ambulance by dialing 911 or 334-683-9071 or call the Poison Control Center by dialing 1-800-462-0800.


Students should report any other emergency situation to Campus Security at 334-683-5176.