Safety and Security

The safety and security of students is a priority at Judson.  Electronic access systems help keep our residence halls and academic buildings safe, and the entire campus is monitored by trained personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The safety and security program of Judson College is coordinated by the Director of Facilities Management in cooperation with the Office of Student Life.

The security program is designed to provide immediate availability for emergency response, the performance of security patrols, the monitoring of persons on campus, and the provision of other relevant services to the campus community.

JC Annual Security Report 2017

A staff of uniformed security guards are employed and available at all times of the day and night on the campus. Likewise, three of the four gates to the campus are locked after 5 p.m. each day to ensure that all nightly visitors must first pass by the guard house before entering campus. Dormitories are locked 24 hours a day by an electronic access system and are only accessible to traditional students who hold security access cards.

ID and Access Cards

All students are given a Student ID Card upon enrolling at Judson. These cards provide a photo ID of the student – and various other information – making it easy for security personnel to tell the difference between an actual student and a guest or stranger on the college campus.

All Judson students who live on campus are provided with security access cards at the time of their enrollment. These access cards provide students with access to each dormitory on the Judson College campus, as well as other academic buildings closed to the public after regular office hours.

Lost or stolen access cards and student IDs should be immediately reported to the Office of Student Life at 334-683-5108. A student’s access card and student ID card can be replaced for a fee.  Purposefully leaving an access card for another person to use (i.e. under a doormat, on a windowsill) will result in disciplinary action and a $100 fine upon the first offense.


In addition to being American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED certified, residence life staff members are trained to react quickly and competently in emergency situations.  In times of inclement weather, the residence life staff will monitor the weather closely.  When the weather condition is serious, students will be sent to the basement of their residence hall to remain until the threat is over. If a student is in an academic building during inclement weather, security and staff will help direct her to that building’s basement.

The following incidents occurring on campus should be immediately reported to the Security Office at 334-683-5176:

  • Smoking or other tobacco use on campus
  • Drug and alcohol related activity and paraphernalia on campus
  • Thefts, burglaries, or robberies
  • Stalking or assaults
  • Illegal persons in a dormitory
  • Suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities on campus
  • Hazardous materials on campus (i.e. bombs, chemicals, weapons, etc.)
  • Any criminal activity

Students should exercise appropriate care for their own safety by:

  • Locking residence hall rooms and vehicles
  • Avoiding traveling alone whenever possible, especially at night
  • Being aware of surroundings
  • Being cautious of strangers
  • Staying alert to suspicious behavior
  • Knowing who to contact in the event of an emergency

Fire Safety

Each floor of each building on the Judson College campus contains fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are also located in each room of the residence halls.
Annual Fire Safety Report (Fall 2017)
Fire Safety Guidelines and Emergency Procedures
Fire Report (Residence Halls)