WMU Residence Hall

The construction of Women’s Missionary Union Hall, affectionately known as “W” by its residents, was made possible by generous gifts from the Alabama Woman’s Missionary Union, a Baptist women’s missions organization.  The original building was completed in 1925 and was connected by a bridge-like walkway to the second Jewett Hall, which later burned.  In 1958, the north wing of the building was added.  WMU was renovated in 2007 to update the plumbing and electrical systems, add a shared kitchen area, and replace the furnishings in each bedroom and bathroom.

WMU houses up to 66 residents.  The building has 33 rooms split throughout four floors. Due to the larger room size, the WMU dorm typically holds senior and junior-level upperclassmen. All residence halls are in a suite arrangement, with two rooms connected by a bathroom.

  • Room Capacity: 2 students
  • Bed Size: Extra long twin – 80”
  • Bathrooms: Suite style (shared between 4 students)
  • Lobby includes: Study area and TV lounge with seating and a piano.  TV area includes cable television, Blu-ray/DVD player, HDMI hookup for laptops. Landline telephone connected in lobby.
  • Additional study lounge on second floor.
  • Fully furnished Kitchen on second floor, including a table with four chairs.
  • Laundry facility and Ice Machine located on first floor.
  • Vending machines located in the second floor kitchen.
  • Microwaves provided on every floor.
  • WiFi service