Student Activities

Go to class, study, do homework, go to bed. That’s what a typical college student’s academic schedule looks like, right? Well… mostly. But whoever said smart girls don’t know how to have fun must have never been to the Judson College campus!

Campus clubs and organizations provide you with an opportunity to learn how to serve, lead, and accomplish your goals, while giving you a chance to work with your Judson sisters outside the classroom.  Intramural sports, which include basketball and field hockey, give you an outlet to relieve stress and an excuse to wear a ridiculous costume.  Judson’s Big and Little Sister tradition and Leadership and Mentoring program help you find your place and get involved from your first semester on campus.

At Judson, you can choose the combination of classes and co-curricular activities that will make your college experience uniquely yours.  Regardless of what you choose to include as part of your Judson experience, one thing is certain.  By the end of your time here, you’ll be singing with other seniors: “We want to linger a little longer here with you.”