Judson Traditions


“Striving to embody the ideals set forth by those who have gone before, every true Judson Girl treasures today the traditions of yesterday so that they might live tomorrow.” -1945 Conversationalist

Judson Girls are proud of their heritage.  One part of that heritage is a collection of traditional events and activities that forges a bond between Judson students. Because many Judson traditions have been carried on for nearly a century, they also create a link between current students and alumnae.

Rose Sunday
On the first Sunday of each academic year, Judson students, faculty, and staff attend a special worship service honoring God’s provision for the College and the determination of Judson’s founders.  The service takes place at Siloam Baptist Church, the church that Judson’s founders attended.  Seniors wearing academic regalia and red roses walk through an ivy chain woven by underclassmen as they join the President, who leads the procession to the church.  Rose Sunday was first observed on September 19, 1915.

Step Sings
On various occasions, the student body gathers on the steps of Jewett foyer to sing college songs directed by the Senior Class Song Leader. These songs have been passed down through many generations of Judson Girls.

President’s Reception
At the beginning of each year the College president and his wife hold a formal reception for the new students at the President’s Home. New students are introduced to student leaders, the President and his wife, members of the Cabinet and their spouses, and new faculty members in the receiving line.

The Junior-Sophomore class presents a pageant that signifies the unity of Judson’s classes.  Junior-Sophomores select several students from the freshman and junior sophomore classes to represent virtues that all Judson students strive to exhibit.  The class virtues are presented in a ceremony immediately before the pageant.  The representatives, participants, and theme of the play being performed for pageant are kept secret from the Seniors, who enjoy trying to discover all about the event.

Hockey Day
Hockey Day is the culmination of weeks of intramural field hockey practice. Class teams compete against each other, and the captain of the winning team is crowned Hockey Queen.  Top players from the class teams are chosen for the All-Star Team.  All-Stars compete against a team of Judson College Alumnae, who return to campus for this event.

Christmas Tea and Vespers
Early in December, a formal tea is held in Jewett Parlors to begin Judson’s official celebration of Christmas. The Judson Social Committee decides on a theme and decorations. Following Christmas Tea, the Music Department presents a program for Christmas Vespers.

Big-Little Sister Activities
Members of the Junior-Sophomore class are paired with little sisters from the Freshman class. Big sisters help little sisters become familiar with events, privileges, and responsibilities as an upperclassman.  A banquet celebrating the Big-Little Sister tradition is held near the beginning of the spring semester.

Parents’ Day
After weeks of competition, Residence Hall intramural basketball teams compete in the playoff and championship games. Students’ families are invited to attend. The “Dorm of the Day” is chosen based on contests held that day. Other exciting activities are planned to make family members feel appreciated and welcome on campus.

“Judson Day” is homecoming time for alumnae and friends of the College. Highlights of the day include a Step-Sing, the coronation of the J-Day Queen, and the induction of the senior class into the Alumnae Association.

Senior Tea
Each year, the wife of the College president invites graduating seniors to the President’s Home to have tea served from the Jewett Silver Service.  The fascinating history of the tea service, which was given to Judson’s first president, is explained.

Class Day
Class Day celebrates the importance of sister classes and the passing of seniorhood from those about to graduate to the rising seniors.  Class Day occurs near the end of each spring semester and ensures that Judson will never be without a senior class to keep her traditions.