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Equine Science

Equine Science is a dynamic career choice that is attracting more and more women to seek a degree in this exciting field. At Judson College, we have developed our Equine Science program with that interest in mind. Our program is designed to both challenge a student academically and to provide her with the practical experience to achieve her goals, whatever they may be.

Program Offerings

As Alabama’s first college to offer a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science, Judson has a strong record of excellence in academic training for careers in the equine industry. In our program, you will meet and work with professionals in the equine industry via shadowing experiences and directed internships. Much like the equine industry itself, our program is multi-faceted, allowing a student to either pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science. Majoring in Equine Science will give you the necessary training in career areas as diverse as barn management, professional riding, equine journalism, and therapeutic riding instruction and training.. Our students can also tailor their degree to their interests with a variety of interdisciplinary academic program offerings.

Judson Equine Science students can combine Equine Science coursework with a major in Psychology or Social Work to prepare for a career in equine-facilitated mental health, an increasingly popular therapy method aimed at meeting physical, cognitive and emotional needs of a host of patients. Students who choose the equine-facilitated mental health emphasis are taught by two instructors who are both certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH), and our students gain experience in facilitating therapeutic riding through partnership with Montgomery Area Non-Traditional Equestrians.

For students who feel their future endeavors include managing an equine facility or business, our program teams up with the Business department to provide the appropriate curriculum for equine business management.

For our students whose dream is to attend graduate school in Equine Science, our program offers a wonderful foundation of equine-related knowledge and skills upon which to build future successes.

Finally, Equine Science students may wish to join a tradition of successful students in our Pre-Veterinary program, which offers all prerequisite courses for admission to veterinary school, in addition to invaluable hands-on experience with horses. These students can combine an Equine Science major with a strong background in traditional science courses, which make them highly competitive for acceptance into vet school.


Our faculty in Equine Science are particularly committed to advising and mentoring our students to help them gain the necessary skills and experience to have a successful career with horses. We help our students explore opportunities in our field and become aware of ways they can work with horses that perhaps they have not considered before.

Learning through Service

Our Equine Science students quickly discover that opportunities for leadership through service abound and are frequently integrated into their classes. The Judson community is committed to service to our neighbors, and we believe that by partnering with our students in serving others, we help them develop more fully.

One particularly popular opportunity for service-learning is available through our creative course in Animal Partnerships. Students learn how horses can be used in community service projects that benefit senior citizens, children, and people with special needs firsthand by visiting local nursing homes with Judson horses. Equine Science students also participate together in other campus-wide community service initiatives. Truly life-changing moments have resulted from the efforts put forth by our students on these special days.

Riding Opportunities

Judson offers experienced riders the opportunity to join our varsity Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) team, which competes in both hunt seat and Western riding styles. Judson students in various other degree programs take riding classes as electives. Some students choose to bring a favorite horse to campus with them to board at our outstanding on-campus facilities. Boarding spaces are limited, so inquire early about our boarding program!

Whether you’re most interested in riding competitively, engaging in community service, or preparing for a career or graduate school, we’ll help you find ways to combine your love of horses with both a meaningful college experience and a solid academic preparation for your future.

Dr. Pamela Mitcham
Assistant Professor of Equine Science
Head of the Equine Science Department
(334) 683-5271