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Financial Aid

Because we believe so strongly in the benefits of the Judson experience, we work to ensure that no student is prevented from attending Judson for financial reasons.  99% of Judson College students currently receive merit-based or need-based financial aid, which covers an average of 75% of their total educational costs.

At Judson, there is no distinction between in-state and out-of-state tuition. This, along with our comprehensive program of financial assistance, contributes to Judson’s status as the nation’s most affordable women’s college. Our students’ educational costs are even comparable to four year public and private universities in Alabama.

Many of Judson’s students take advantage of the “Judson 2-10 Option.” This option allows bachelor’s degree students to graduate in just 2 years and 10 months. To do this, students attend Judson’s short term during May and June.  During short term, tuition is waived, so only Room, Board, and fees are charged.

We may offer an eligible student an award package that includes more than one type of financial assistance; however, a student’s total Judson-funded or controlled financial assistance may not exceed the cost of her education. Judson reserves the right to adjust a student’s financial aid award.