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Academic Programs

Canoeing on the Cahaba River. Singing at Carnegie Hall. Immersing yourself in the language and culture of Costa Rica.  Having dinner at the home of a professor who knows you by name. These experiences are as much a part of academic programs at Judson as attending lectures and studying for tests.

As you explore the majors, minors, and other academic opportunities we offer, we hope you’ll recognize the unique way in which the Judson experience can help you lead a purposeful life.

Our programs are listed below by division, with “M” indicating a major and “m” indicating a minor.

  • Interdisciplinary Major (M) (Opportunities for interdisciplinary majors exist as approved by the faculty.)

Pre-Professional Programs
Students interested in furthering their education the following disciplines may participate in a pre-professional program track. These tracks allow you to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a field related to your chosen career path (Biology for medicine, Chemistry for pharmacy, or History or Criminal Justice for law, etc.). Your classes taken in a pre-professional track are specifically designed to prepare you for the next education level required for your career (med school, pharmacy school, or law school, for example). In a pre-professional track, your major will be one of the degrees listed as a major above, but your major advisor will know how to help you acquire the competitive edge you need to succeed at the next level.